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Item #: BRIR91P

Epson 910/IR90/IR91 Ink Rollers, Purple, 6/Box

For use in Casio, Epson, Sharp, Victor printers and more. These ink rollers will print bold, easy-to-read receipts. Each roller has a high ink capacity to extend the time in between changes, keeping your business moving. The list of compatible printers is in the next tab.

Color Available:

  • Purple

Printer Compatibility:

  • Allen RC209, RC305, RC310, RC322
  • Casio 3404ER, 3408ER, 3508ER, 3530ER, 4404ER, 4420ER, 4430ER, CE2100, CE2104, CE2108, CE2208, CE3100, CE3115, CE3200, CE3215, CE3400, CE3405, CE3415, CE3500, CE3530ER, CE3535, CE3630, CE3640, CE3680, CE3700, CE3750, CE3800, CE3815, CE3820, CE3830, CE3840, SR6, TK100, TK1000, TK1100, TK700, TK710
  • Epson CR801, CR802A, CR812, CR900, CR901, CR910, CR911
  • NCR 2106, 2109
  • Olivetti Mercator 16, 20, 25, 40
  • Royal ER185
  • Samsung CR812A, ER1710A, ER1805, ER1810, ER2610, ER2615, ER2710, ER2715, ER3715, ER3740, ER4100, ER4715
  • Sanyo 360, 365, 370, 460, 470, 500, 505, 510, 515, 550, 560, 570, ECR305, ECR325, ECR335, ECR338, ECR345, ECR355, ECR360, ECR365, ECR375, ECR380, ECR450, ECR460, ECR470, ECR4810, ECR4818, ECR500, ECR505, ECR515, ECR4400, ECR520, ECR5400, ECR550, ECR560, ECR570, ECR570N, ECR5800, ECR600, ECR6020, LX500, LX550
  • Seiko CR812, CR900, CR901, CR910, IR-90, IR-91
  • Sharp ER1875, ER1920, ER1921S, ER1970, ER2370, ER2380, ER2381, ER2385, ER2386, ER2386S, ER2390, ER2391, ER2395, ER2396, ER2540, ER2541, ER2590, ER2590S, ER2592, ER2595, ER2905, ER2908, ER2910, ER3010, ER3536, ER3600, ER3630, ER3660, ERA320, ERA330, XE2055
  • TCA 941, 942, 943, 944
  • Towa Apollo 4, 8, TA250, TA251, TA252, TA254, TA270, TA274
  • Victor 2700, 3008
  • And many more!

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