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Item #: AT318230L1C
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3 1/8" x 230' Custom Printed Thermal Paper Rolls

Ensure your customers and coworkers have easy-to-read, high quality receipts with these thermal paper rolls. This is the most common thermal paper roll size for many credit, debit, and POS (point-of-sale) machines used. Customize your receipts with printing on the back to promote your brand, provide coupons and giveaways, provide store policies, or even show of new inventory! With you are getting the best prices on the web with completely free shipping and NO set up fee. Due to paper runs, orders may vary by +/- 10%. If amount differs from your order you will be contacted for a credit or balance remaining. Click on the next tab to see How It Works.

Paper Type: Thermal
Width: 3 1/8" (80mm)
Length: 230' (70m)
Roll Diameter: 2.85" (70mm)
Core ID: 7/16" (11mm)
Order Minimum: 10 Cases, 50 Rolls/Case
Max Print Width: 2 3/4"
  1. Decide the amount of cases you would like. 10 cases is the minimum amount.
  2. Upload your artwork in the field above. If you would like to submit your art separately, you can email it in to
  3. Enter your Pantone Matching System Number (PMS #) for the color(s) used in your logo in the field above. If you do not know this number, you will need to approve one.
  4. Hit add to cart and place your order.

Your order will take 2-3 weeks to process once your art has been submitted and approved for printing. Your tracking information will be emailed to you as soon as it is available.

  • There is NO plate charge!
  • There is NO set up fee!
  • This product ships for FREE!

Printer Compatibility:

  • Axiohm 7156, 7193, 7196, A715, A716, A756, A758, A760, A793, A794, A795
  • AZT 381PD, AZT 804R, AZT-805W, PRP-300 Thermal Printers
  • Beiyang BTP-2002-NP
  • Bixolon B-Gate, BGT-100, SRP-330, SRP-330II, SRP-350II, SRP-350III, SRP-350PlusIII, SRP-350PlusV, SRP-350V, SRP-352, SRP-370, SRP-372, SRP-380, SRP-383, SRP-E300, SRP-F3, SRP-F3II, SRP-F310II, SRP-F312II, SRP-Q300, SRP-QE300, SRP-S200, SRP-S300, SRP-S300L, SRP-S300R, SRP-S3000, STP-131
  • Casio UP-370B, UP-400, V-R200
  • Citizen CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CBM293, CTS310, IDP3210, IDP3310, LT380, CT-S300
  • Clover Station 2018, Station P100, Station P500, Station P550, Station Duo, Station Pro, Station Solo
  • Cognitive TPG (formerly TPG) A756, A758, A760, A776, A793, A794, A795, A798, A799,B780
  • DH Print 1500
  • Digital Check TS240/TTP
  • Epson EU-m30, M129A, M129B, M129C, TM-H5000, TM-H5000II, TM-H6000, TM-H6000II (M147E), TM-H6000III (M147H), TM-H6000IV, TM-H6000V, TM-m30, TM-m30c, TM-m30II, TM-m30II-h, TM-m30II-SL, TM-m30II-NT, TM-m50, TM-S2000, TM-S9000, TM-S9000II, TM-T20II, TM-T70, TM-T70-i, TM-T70II, TM-T80, TM-T85, TM-T88, TM-T88II, TM-T88III, TM-T88IV, TM-T88V, TM-T88V-i, TM-T88VI, TM-T90 Series, TMU 6000, Ready Print T20, TM-T70 Thermal Printer, TM-T88V Receipt Printer (M224A)
  • First Data FD200, FD200ti, FD300, FD300ti
  • Fujitsu Team POS DT50
  • Hypercom T77-T, T77TH, T7Plus
  • IBM 4610T1 Suremark, 4610T12 Suremark, 4610T13 Suremark, 4610T14 Suremark, Suremark TM6, TM7, TF6, TF7, 4651, 4655, 4659
  • Ingenico eN-Touch 3100, Moby C150
  • IPC TM-T80AS
  • Ithaca Per. PcOS 80 Series, 80 Plus Series, 181 Series, Series 280 iTherm
  • MICROS 3700, 8700, 400489-507, 400489-513, 400489-514, TM-T88, TM-T88V
  • MUNBYN P068
  • NCR 7156, 7158, 7167, 7193, 7194, 7197, 7199, 7445-2000, 7450, 7452
  • PAX E500, E700, E800
  • Panasonic 5000
  • Partner Tech PT-6215 All-In-One POS terminal, RP-320, RP-500, RP-600 thermal printers
  • POS-X EVO, EVO Green, EVO HiSpeed, ION, XR500, XR510, XR520
  • PosiFlex Aura PP7000, Aura PP7600, Aura PP9000
  • QPay Fametech 80P Printer
  • Radcliffe Big Chief EFT06
  • RDM EC9107F, EC9108F, EC9607F, EC9608F
  • Remanco Geac Color PC Workstation
  • SAM4s Ellix 20II, Ellix 30 (80mm option), Ellix 40 (80mm option)
  • Samsung SRP-350 Series, SRP-370 Series
  • Seiko DPU-5300, RP-B10, RP-D10, RP-E10, RP-E11
  • Sharp UP-810F, UP-820F
  • SNBC BTP-N80, BTP-R180II, BTP-2002, BTP-2002NP, BTP-R880NP, BTP-R580, BTP-R880NP, BTP-R880NPV, BTP-R980, BTP-S80
  • Spectra 1000
  • Star Micronics FVP-10, HSP7543, HSP7643, HSP7743, mC-Print3, SCP700, SK1-32, TSP100, TSP100II, TSP100III, TSP100IV, TSP100ECO, TSP100GT, TSP1043, TSP143, TSP143II, TSP143IIU, TSP143III, TSP143IIIU, TSP143IV, TSP2000 Series, TSP300 Series, TSP400 Series, TSP500 Series, TSP600 Series, TSP650, TSP650II, TSP650II CloudPRNT, TSP650II WebPRNT, TSP650II B Ti, TSP654D, TSP654II, TSP654IIU, TSP700, TSP700II, TSP743, TSP743II, TSP800, TSP800II
  • Tec RKPTH 5000
  • Toast POS System Epson/Samsung/Star Printers
  • Tokheim Spectra Model 1000
  • Touch Dynamics TB4, TP3000, TP-3000
  • Transact Ithaca 80 Series
  • Uniwell UX7500
  • Verifone 3740, RP-300/310, RP-330, Carbon 10, Ruby/Sapphire
  • XAC xCE_TP72-SA
  • And many more!

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Great Product Great Price

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I have been printing coupons on the back of my customer's receipts for a year now and have had a huge response. I was apparently overpaying for this service at another company until I found your site. My product got here in half the time for much less then I have spent previously. Highly recommend this company to anyone looking for new ways to market for their store.