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Glue Stick, .28 oz, Stick, Clear, 12/Pack Glue Stick
Price: $6.88
Item #: MGUNV2812PK -

Glue Sticks, .28oz each, Clear, 12/packWashable and acid-free for use on paper, cardboard, photos, fabric. Ideal for archival materials. Glue dries clear and wrinkle-free for clean results.

Glue Stick for Envelopes, .26 oz, Stick, 3/Pack Envelope Glue
Price: $5.88
Item #: MGAVE26S3 -

Avery Glue Stic for Envelopes, .26 oz each, 3/PackDiscover a fast and sanitary way to seal your envelopes. The glue goes on purple to show exactly where you've applied it, then dries clear. Seal envelopes, glue on stamps or even make your own designer envelopes, and the Glue Stic's permanent adhesive ensures your mail stays securely closed. The glue washes out of clothing and the nontoxic formula allows safe use by children. With this Glue Stic in hand, you've got your envelopes licked. ...

Super Glue Liquid, Precision Applicator, 0.14 oz Super Glue
Price: $5.88
Item #: MGSSG141 -

Super Glue Liquid, Precision Applicator, .14 ozPrecision applicator features patented droplet control technology for the ultimate in precision dispensing. The clog-resistant, stay-fresh bottle won't dry out.

Super Glue Easy Squeeze Gel, .14 oz, Super Glue Liquid Super Glue
Price: $7.88
Item #: MGLSG141 -

Super Glue Easy Squeeze Gel, .14 oz, Super Glue LiquidNo-run gel formula is ideal for vertical applications and porous surfaces. Delivers a super strong final bond. Control applicator provides additional accuracy for more precise bonding. Locking cap prevents gel from leaking and drying out. Dries clear

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